Wine racks in a unique design

Wine racks have become super modern today and more and more people choose to add wine racks to their home and improve their decor. With us, it is important not to hide the wine and the shelves away. Therefore, we have designed a solution so that the wine rack has become a piece of furniture.

Modular system

Wine racks have become super fashionable today and more and more people are choosing to add wine racks to their home and improve their interior design. For us, it’s important not to hide the wine and the racks away. That’s why we have designed a solution that turns the wine rack into a piece of furniture. The classic wooden wine rack today is typically some wooden sticks put together where the bottle head sticks out, or large boxes where you can stack the wine. Which is something we are far from. We have designed a modular system and turned our “sticks” into a bottle shape. Because of course, where you place the wine should be shaped like a bottle of wine. It doesn’t confuse the eyes and makes us move far away from our competitors.

Our modular system allows you to build your very own wine room and put the racks together
in several different ways. All shelves are 350 x 600 x 870 mm, so you can remove your kitchen module at home and replace it with our shelves.

Flat packed and environmentally conscious

We place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental considerations. Our
production facility runs entirely on solar energy and we have developed unique products that
allow our wine racks to be shipped flat-packed, with no screws or nails included. This not
only contributes to a more environmentally friendly production, but also saves space during
transport, reducing our environmental footprint. We pride ourselves on making products that
are not only stylish, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The Material

Our standard wood is American red oak. It has a distinctive texture and adds warmth and beauty to any room. Also known for its durability and resistance to damage and wear, red oak is a hardwood that can resist dents, scratches and cracks, making it ideal for wine furniture.

Last but not least, it is a sustainable wood resource as it is fast-growing and planted in large quantities. However, we are flexible and can adapt to customer wishes.

Wine racks for everyone

We offer an extensive range of different wine racks, each designed to meet different storage needs and preferences. If you regularly purchase larger quantities of the same wine, you may want to consider racks with spacious shelves, such as our STAR and DIAMOND racks. For those who often acquire wines in wooden boxes, we offer specialised wine racks such as our BOX rack that are perfectly suited for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you primarily buy single bottles at a time, wine racks with individual compartments are preferable as they provide an easy and clear way to organise and find the bottle you want. If you find that our standard dimensions do not fit your needs, we are always willing to customise a solution to fit your exact requirements.

If you have a creative idea, we encourage you to share it with us. We love taking on challenges and will do our utmost to find the perfect solution for you

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