Questions about wine climate?

Questions about wine climate? Our wine cellar design experts are ready to help you find the perfect wine cooling unit for your wine cellar. Tell us your style, size, budget and other wine cellar details and we’ll do the rest!

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The most quietet and energy efficient cooling systems for the wall

Wine Guardian wall-mounted cooling systems have a modern and sleek design that fits
perfectly with the contemporary style of wine cellars. Ideal for small and medium-sized wine cellars, these innovative systems ensure optimal temperature and humidity as well as exceptional airflow. Our Wine Guardian Through-Wall systems were recently rated the
quietest and most energy efficient units in North America by the Centre for Atmospheric
Research in Sciences and Engineering at Clarkson University. Wine Guardian The TTW
units were 50% quieter and used 50% less energy than the closest competitor

Wine Guardian Through the Wall

The Wine Guardian Through the Wall series consists of self-contained cooling systems that are easy to install. These systems are particularly suitable for small and medium sized wine cellars and do not require an authorized HVAC technician for installation.

Wine Climate FAQ

Wine climate refers to the conditions that affect the storage and maturation of wine, including
temperature, humidity and lighting.

The correct climate is essential to preserve the quality and flavor of the wine. Unstable or incorrect climate can lead to wine deterioration and flavor spoilage.

The ideal temperature for storing wine is between 12-14 degrees. It is important to avoid large temperature fluctuations as this can affect the stability and maturation of the wine.

Humidity plays an important role in preserving the wine’s cork and preventing drying out. A
humidity level of around 50-70% is ideal to maintain the elasticity of the cork and prevent
leaks and air infiltration that spoil the wine.

To ensure the right climate for your wine storage, invest in a reliable wine cooler or wine
cellar that can control both temperature and humidity. In addition, avoid storing wine in a
place with direct sunlight or large temperature fluctuations. We are always ready to guide
you to the perfect solution!

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