Hotel Sanders

At Hotel Sanders, we collaborated intensively to develop two unique solutions for two previously underutilised spaces. We optimised the space significantly and created two unique wine displays One display was designed in collaboration with the owner, Alexander Kolpin, and is the ideal choice for the hospitality industry. Not only does it hold a significant number […]

Wine Cellar In Marbella

The Marbella wine cellar was an extremely efficient and fast project. With just a 3D drawing and approval from the customer, a complete wine cellar was created for our client. The customer was very satisfied and got exactly what he wanted: a wine cellar that could accommodate everything from bottles in presentation to lots of […]

Wine Shop In Portugal

In Portugal, we had the opportunity to design a complete wine shop from scratch. We created customised tables suitable for different items and beautifully integrated with our wine racks. We combined different types of racks and gave them all a dark oil finish, which was the customer’s only request

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